About Us

Meet the Barkers, an all-inclusive dog family from Brooklyn with a love for the finer things. But it wasn’t always flannel raincoats and cashmere sweaters for these pampered pooches. No, theirs was a humble beginning; an outdoor life of bland food pellets, dodging pedestrians and the far-too-rare pat on the head.

But those days are over; times have changed, and with it, their luck. Gourmet dog foods, designer carry-ons & carriages, dog yoga, pet spas & salons, high teas, and belly rubs for days…the dog days were in full swing and this canine clan indulged in it all.

Only one thing was still missing—the outfits! Sure, novelties costumes and drab, misshapen covers were out there, but refined, high-quality pieces that are as unique and extraordinary as man’s best friend were nowhere to be found.

This wouldn’t be the case for long. The Barkers put the woof out and came together to bring this issue to the area’s top dogs, and with that, a new brand was born. 

Through the designing, production, photoshoots and grand launches that followed, there was only one non-negotiable: The Barkers weren’t leaving their less fortunate friends behind. They were here to make sure that with every purchase, their underprivileged furry friends had a road to the life of love & luxury that every dog deserves.

Welcome to The Barkers family, Est. 2020.